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Persistent storage is necessary for storing application data. We have seen how we can mount a local volume in docker to persist any data. If you haven’t read that, you can just go through my earlier article.

When using an orchestrator, we will need to do few more things than…

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As organizations shy away from managing the hardware and infrastructure to run their applications, Serverless has gained spotlight. Many of us might be familiar with AWS Lambda or Azure functions which is based on serverless technology that powers the customers apps and business. …

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Often times we come across different javascript libraries and dependencies which are compatible with different versions of NodeJS platform. For example, you might a AngularJS app which required specific version of Node while you might also be working on another project with VueJS stack which again depends on some version…

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As a software developer, we should always strive to maintain good code quality by following best practices or standards. This is to ensure that the code delivered to solve a problem is readable and maintainable in the long run. To quote Guido van Rossum, “Code is read much more often…

Docker containers
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Many of the organizations now use containerization technologies to rapidly deliver software. Gone are those days, when a developer had to setup and configure the entire product on a specifically compatible version of operating system with bunch of other per-requisites. Containerization has definitely gained pace over the year and so…

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Most of the enterprise grade applications need some or other of form logging mechanism. From traditional rolling log text files, console logs, or log monitors in Cloud.

Logging is a must in most applications as it helps in the most dreaded situation. Yeah you are right ‘ Debugging’!

Problems with traditional Loggers in Server-less

In most…

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